General Information

Products sold by JB Industries, Inc. are warrantied for a period of 12 months from the date of sale with the following exceptions:

Vacuum pumps are warranted 24 months over-the-counter.

Digital gauges are warranted 12 months.

Rothenberger tools are warranted 24 months.

JB limits this warranty to the repair, replacement or credit at invoice price (JB’s option) of products that in JB’s opinion are defective due to defects in workmanship and/or materials. Warranty claims resulting from obvious product abuse, misuse such as broken parts or lack of maintenance including failure to keep the vacuum pump filled with clean oil, abnormal use or normal wear and tear will not be honored as warranty repair and will be subject to JB’s published repair costs. This express warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, guarantees and/or representations, express or implied, of JB and/or the manufacturer of such products that make NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Technical information, recommendations and advice as to properties and usages of materials, design, installation and use of products, engineering and other matters are provided as an accommodation and are intended only as suggestions. Although they are believed to be accurate, based on JB’s knowledge and experience, JB assumes no obligation or liability for any results obtained in their use or application, and they are not to be construed as establishing any warranty, express or implied. In no event shall JB be liable for claims for any damages whatsoever (whether direct, foreseeable, consequential or special) suffered by buyer or anyone else arising out of any breach by JB. JB makes no warranty to those defined as consumers in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty-Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act.

JB Vacuum Pumps are not intended for use on Amonia or Lithium Bromide (salt water) systems. Use of JB vacuum pumps on either of these systems will VOID the warranty.

Do not hang digital manifold on the back of service vehicles. They are digital instruments and as such are more sensitive to damage. Damage from hanging from service vehicles is considered abuse and VOIDS the warranty. 

Any changes or modifications to products that are not performed by JB void the warranty.